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About JustUs For Justice Ministry, nfp - 501c3
Established in 2011, JustUS For Justice is a Faith-Based, non-for-profit organization currently staffed and funded by dedicated volunteers.

JustUs For Justice Ministry, nfp - 501c3 is based in the Chicagoland, IL. area. Our organization understands the legal process can be daunting, difficult and at times distressing. Without accurate knowledge, awareness and support the outcome of the events that occur in a legal issue can be lasting and devastating. 
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Impact Statement: We are experiencing on a global level inequality and bias when it comes to the issues of law and the courts. 

We’ve observed the needs of individuals to:

• Receive appropriate representation, legal assistance and advocacy.
• Maintain positive interpersonal relationships between members of the legal discipline
   and members of society. 

• Obtain transparency through the provision of our services (see Home/ Services page)
• Be informed and prepared for the events that may take place in the court process